We all have a song that makes us smile or can transport us back in time. You can be doing anything and a song you’ve not heard for ages is played on the radio or plays randomly while playing songs on “shuffle” and before you know it your heart stops and you’re back in that time. I have many such songs, and the one I am listening to right now is Emeli Sandé – Read All About It. For me this brings back memories of the 2012 London Olympics when the world was united in the Olympic games.

The other day I was driving in my car and a song that I’d not heard before came on the radio. It was a powerful song and both the lyrics and voice touched me. It went straight to my heart and brought me out in goose bumps. It talked to me. I listened fervently to make sure I caught the name of the singer. I wasn’t surprised to hear it was Paulo Nutini, the singer songwriter. The song was Iron Sky from his latest album “Caustic Love”.

Someone once told me that music was the language of the universe and I couldn’t agree more. It has a way of connecting us, regardless of the language we speak. Music creates ambiance and a feel good factor and can have an extremely positive (or negative) affect on our moods. I know if I play certain music I can transport myself right back in time and can invariably remember the exact emotions I was feeling and experiencing at that time. It’s the nearest thing I know to time travel. Music helps us create powerful memories and equally can help us retrieve those exact memories many years later if we so wish. It can also remind us of someone special, family friends or a particular place.

Music has been a big part of my life ever since I was a child. I would listen to Radio Caroline under the covers every night, as I’m sure many of my readers can relate to. The only trouble is, after hearing some of the songs they played I would go into the local record shop and ask for songs that they’d never heard of. Shops only supplied songs from the Top Twenty chart, even though shops had a paper chart that showed songs placed beyond the Top Twenty.  One day after the shopkeeper and my Mum asked if I was sure I had the name right of a certain song, I insisted they referred to the paper chart and there at number 31 was the song I wanted to buy. The song, which I’m rather embarrassed to admit, was called “Sister Jane” by New World. It did finally enter the Top Twenty, although by that time I had gone off it from too much overplay on my record player.

Kym Wilde presents a radio show on Sundays called “Secret Songs” where listeners send in their request to hear their secret songs. ‘Secret Songs’, according to Magic, are those classic tracks that mean something special, they evoke memories and emotions you can attribute to certain moments in your life i.e. your first kiss, your wedding song, holiday tracks or the last dance. One of my secret songs is “Is this Love” by Whitesnake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOJk0HW_hJw.


Anyway, back to my inspiration for this week’s Blog. I was intrigued to look up the lyrics of Paulo’s song and here are a few lines from Iron Sky. As you can see they are very powerful, and I would have to agree with him. I wonder if that’s why this song talked to my heart. It is in synergy with what I believe and ties in beautifully with the Love, Happiness and Angels Blog.

You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful,

to make this life a wonderful adventure

Let us use that power!

Let us all unite!

If you would like to share your secret song I would love to hear from you.

Have a happy love filled week.