Nanowrimo winner

For the month of November, I have been taking part in something called Nanowrimo, which is a worldwide project for people to write a novel in a month. There is to be no editing it’s just to write and the goal is to complete 50,000 words, more if you really want to push yourself. That equates to 1,667 words per day, which is achievable assuming one writes every day. However I got a little bit behind and had to work very hard yesterday when the final deadline for the word count and novel had to be submitted. I am very pleased to say that I achieved it.

As a result however, this week’s blog took a little bit of a back seat. I hadn’t even decided what to write until yesterday evening. So I asked a few friends and one friend suggested “New Beginnings” so this week’s Blog is dedicated to that person in Kenya. She suggested I base it on a new horse that I now have, but we’re only starting on our journey together so it’s hard to say too much about our new beginning. However, he has already reminded me of a valuable lesson.

When riding him for the first time this weekend I realized that he is very different to my current horse which I have had and ridden for 18 years. My new horse is still a baby and needs to be treated and ridden differently, especially as we do not know each other yet. He hasn’t built up his trust in me that my other mare has and he is relying on me.   So when riding him for the first time I noticed he was extremely sensitive. I had to be very careful with my instructions to him so he was very clear in what I was asking him to do. It is a new beginning and we have a long journey to make but if anyone is interested I will keep you posted.

The thing for me is and I think I’ve mentioned this in the past is how we learn a lot from our animals and this is a classic example, because it got me to thinking how every situation in our lives is different and how we are all different as human beings. Some are more sensitive than others and some of us react differently to different situations, some of us are happy and positive and others aren’t so.

So what does a new beginning mean to you? I always think of fresh starts, new places, new people, new faces, a new year, spring, the birth of a lovely new born baby, but a new beginning can also mean a new way of thinking or looking at things.  Even my 50,000 word novel is a new beginning because a fresh idea for my book was born and I wrote about it.

Sometimes if something bad happens to us, it can in some cases, have a very negative impact on us and affect how we face things in the future, especially in certain situations. For example if we have a car accident that might affect whether we want to drive again or make us a very nervous driver or passenger in the future. It is the same with riding and as they say if you fall off you should get back in the saddle immediately and I can understand why.

Alternatively, if we’ve experienced a bad or failed marriage we might assume that any new relationships will end the same way and try to avoid them in the future. This is not the way to live our lives. We are here to be happy.  I am sure many people who have been in these situations can testify that that is not the case and by letting go of any negativity associated with old hurts or situations we are able to move on to create many happy new memories and new beginnings.   That’s why people do get married again for the second or third time, because they have hope and have put their past behind them.

We are all different, unique and react to different situations. My new horse has demonstrated and reminded me of this, but the important thing to remember is we should keep an open mind, embrace new thoughts and new ideas. By doing this I believe we can have a much more positive view of life and achieve great results.

No two situations are ever the same and every situation should be handled on its own merit. For example we sometimes compare things and say “it’s not like so and so or when such and such happened” but what a boring world this would be if everyone or thing was like “so and so” or history kept repeating itself like Groundhog Day. I think we need new beginnings to move forward and to have the lives we want to enjoy, without them, life would be quite dull and I actually believe that if we enjoy life and are happy new beginnings are created for us.

There is a saying by Lao Tzu that “new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”.

I would love to hear from my lovely readers on what they regard as a new beginning and what they are looking forward to.   On that note, I would just like to add that as I write this week’s Blog it is the eve of the start of Advent which is another new beginning.   We are actually surrounded by new beginnings as life renews itself.

Wishing my lovely, happy readers a great start to the beginning of their week.