OldDesignShop_MerryChristmasAngelsPC1Yesterday I put my Christmas tree up and as I placed the Angel at the top of the tree I stopped to think about the Christmas story and thought about the meaning and presence of angels at Christmas time which there are many. Angels play an important role in Christmas celebrations. The word, “Angel” is derived from the Hebrew and Greek words which simply means “messenger”.

Almost every character in the Christmas story seems to have had an encounter with an Angel.  It was the Archangel Gabriel who brought Mary the message that she would be giving birth to a son “Jesus”.

When Joseph discovered that Mary was pregnant but not with his child he was not happy to say the least, but it is believed that an Angel appeared to him in a dream and informed him that Mary was a virgin and she would be giving birth to a son and they were to name him Jesus. Joseph decided to do the right thing.

It is also thought that a small group of tiny Angels were on a special assignment to watch over and guide Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem. The Angels sang songs of thanksgiving which were believed to be heard in all four corners of the earth.

Once the baby was born, the Angels took the news to the shepherds and this is explained in the Christmas carol While Shepherds Watch their Flocks by Night.  Many of our Christmas carols  feature Angels and my particular favourite is “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”.

There is also the story of a new star that appeared in the sky which guided the three wise men to Bethlehem so they could bring their gifts of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh.

Whatever your religious beliefs, I truly love to read about the Christmas Story and how Angels are woven into it and they all merge in beautifully with our Christmas carols.

Wishing all my readers a wonderful festive period and a beautiful Christmas and remember to spread some love, happiness and look out for the Christmas Angels, they truly are everywhere.