This week it had been my intention to write about Friday 13th and the superstitions associated with it, however after the events that occurred around the world last week I don’t think it would be appropriate to do so and my heartfelt thoughts and sympathies go out to all those who were affected by the atrocities last week not just in Paris but all around the world.

These acts of terrorism affect us all one way or another but I still believe there is far more goodness and kindness in the world than hatred and we must try to focus on that during these turbulent times.

Anyone watching the footage of Paris during the last few days will see just that with all the people who came out to show their respect and light candles. One such man was Davide Martello who drove 400 miles with his piano to play outside the Bataclan theatre to pay tribute to the victims. He chose to play John Lennon’s Imagine. He said he had wanted to try and comfort and offer a sign of hope. People queued the next day to give blood. These acts of kindness just prove and demonstrate that there really is compassion and kindness that still exists in the world.

Equally, whilst the events were unfolding on Friday night, the BBC were holding their annual charity event, Children In Need, which raises money for disadvantaged children. It raised over £37million and that amount is still rising compared to £32.5m last year. There are many charities and generous and kind people all around the world doing good and making a difference, unfortunately we don’t hear so much about the feel good stories but we should take comfort and remind ourselves that they do exist.

We should never forget all the things that are important to us; family, friends and love.   We should also be grateful and appreciate everything we have. There might be times in our every day lives when we feel our tempers rising when things aren’t quite going our way but we should take a step back and ask ourselves if it really is worth getting upset about in the grand scheme of things.

Let’s be grateful for our precious lives that can be taken from us in an instant. We shouldn’t stop living our lives and we should remember there is more goodness than there is bad. Let’s try and spread peace, love and happiness wherever we can.