If anyone is currently struggling with making a really big decision, my advice would be go for it, grab the opportunity with both hands. What is the worse thing that can happen?

Regular readers will know, I have been very quiet on my Blog over the last few months and there has been a reason for this, I too have been grappling with a big decision and that was whether to leave my full time job and follow my dream and to do something that resonated deep within me. Helping people.

This is a decision I have put off for many years and I soon began to realise there would never be the “perfect or right time” and if not now when. So I decided to finally take the leap of faith.

It wasn’t really that difficult because I left a job that no longer brought me joy, even though it paid me very well but the most important thing to me was to be happy. Anyone who has followed and read my blogs over the last year will know the reasons why. I felt like I was wasting my life and was in the wrong job. I tried to turn the situation around with lots of positive thinking but deep down I wasn’t really addressing the real issues.  A change had to be made.

I briefly went to work for a charity but I still didn’t feel I was on the right path. I wanted to put all my energy into something that I really wanted to do. After all, I write a Blog on love, happiness and try to inspire people to do things that make them feel good. I no longer felt I was being true to myself.

In hindsight my sub conscience had been at work during the past year leading me to this decision. When I finally made up my mind my decision came easily. So I am now dedicating my time and energy into building up my homeopathic practice and doing something I really want to do. This is perfectly aligned to all I stand for because I am passionate about helping people to feel good and to reach their optimum health.

One thing I have realized already in this short space of time of seeing people in my practice is how many people live with conditions that they just accept because Dr’s can’t put a label on their symptoms. In turn they become really unhappy. I recently reached out to people to take part in a study on CFS / ME and was amazed at how many people contacted me to take part. Some people have been living with symptoms for over 20 years and are on so much medication and they just accept it.

I have established a great work routine and I can work whenever I want to and more importantly am available for when people want to make an appointment with me. I already have clients all over the world because technology has come a very long way since I graduated in 2005 and I am able to see people via Skype which is working very well.

If you find yourself in a job or a situation you are not happy with, you might not be able to change things over night but I believe if you start to think about what you really want and keep focusing on your dream, your sub conscious will work in the background and with determination I believe a lot can be achieved. It might take a few years like my decision did but never give up. Believe in yourself and have the courage to make that leap when you’re ready.

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Stay True to yourself and never give up on your dreams – keep believing.

I would love to hear from anyone who has made a big decision in their life or are thinking about making one. We’re all in this together.

Wishing you a wonderful week with love, happiness and angels – I know mine have been helping me along the way.