Let it Go

I’ve heard so many references to the film Frozen, although I’ve still yet to watch it, but I certainly know the theme song – “Let it go”. This is thanks to proud parents holding Frozen birthday parties for their children and posting videos of them singing the theme tune. This brings me nicely on to the subject of this week’s Blog which is funnily enough about “letting go” and “going with the flow”.

So what does going with the flow mean?

As I touched on briefly in last week’s Blog we cannot control everything in our lives. Life and things are constantly changing, people come and go and circumstances change, not always by our own volition. Fortunately or unfortunately, nothing stays the same.   We are always in motion, just like the universe is always in motion, the earth, sun and moon spinning and the tides turning. Going with the flow means accepting and dealing with what life throws at us in the best way we can. There will of course be days when it will seem like the universe is conspiring against us and many things will go wrong, but if we accept this and remember that whilst we cannot control these things, in most cases, we do have the capability to rectify them or more importantly not to let them bother us. So when the water pipe freezes and bursts making us late for work or we get a puncture at least we can call someone who can come out and fix it. There is usually always a solution.

Another thing to consider when going with the flow is not to worry unnecessarily.  I know many people who worry endlessly about non-existent problems. There really is no point worrying about something that may or may not happen. I am Reiki II trained and one of the daily precepts is “Just for Today I will not worry”. If ever I am a little bit anxious about a particular problem, for example last year my 12 year old dog had to have an operation involving a general anaesthetic, which was a big worry for me due to his age. I started to worry endlessly about him not coming around after the anaesthetic and what would happen etc, my mind raced. I then stopped myself and said one of the daily precepts of “Just for Today I will not worry” and this immediately helped. I soon realised that I was worrying about something that may or may not happen. So now whenever I find myself in a situation that I’m worried or concerned about I promise myself I won’t worry about that particular problem today, then when tomorrow comes I say the same. It’s amazing how effective this method can be. Worrying is such a waste of time and energy.

Also as we learn to go with the flow and ignore the little things that normally bug us they become less important and usually fall to the wayside and as a result we become happier and more stress free.

So to conclude, as Elsa in the film Frozen demonstrates in her song, there is no point clinging to the past, which can sometimes be a great source of misery, or worse still means we never move forward. There is usually always something better around the corner that is of course if we are willing to let go. If we’re too stuck to move forward we will never experience the wonderful adventure that may just be waiting for us.

I would be interested to hear what happened when any of my readers struggled to let go of something but found life improved when they did, or worried needlessly about something that never happened.

Wishing all my readers a wonderful worry free happy love filled week

& remember to “Let it Go”.