How lucky are we?   This was a question that Professor Brian Cox asked last week during his fantastic new series titled the “Human Universe”.

In last week’s programme Brian asked the question “Why are we here?” He went on to explain how we are born out of a chain of apparent co-incidences and how our planet and its position in space makes the perfect planet and gives us all the right elements for life and is expanding at just the right rate. Any slight alterations to gravity and there would be no planets or stars, if there were a decrease in light then there would be no carbon or oxygen. All the constants in the planet are just right, set perfectly to keep everything as they should be to maintain life.   All the random numbers are where they should be and have been that way for over 4 billion years.   Brian said it’s just like winning the lottery and WOW what a lottery to win.

I truly believe this and everyday feel I’ve won the lottery.   I often say to myself “How lucky am I” or if with friends “How lucky are we?” I am eternally grateful for everything I have and practice gratitude on a daily basis. As I mentioned in a previous Blog, “Counting our Blessings”, I am very grateful for the roof over my head, my job, my friends, family and animals, but if I stop to think about things on an even grander scale and about the planet and the universe then I am absolutely blown away.

Brian presented a show demonstrating various aspects of how amazing this wonderful world is. From how we share our DNA with camels, to how and why leopards have their spots.

So when I start to see how amazing our wonderful world is I can feel my heart and soul expand (just like the planet, which is also expanding) and am even more grateful and thankful at how lucky I am, in fact at “how lucky are we”. It goes beyond the roof over my head etc.

I must admit when I’m out and about, particularly in nature, I always marvel at how beautiful and amazing our world is. I’ve often wondered about how everything is in the right place and how brilliant the universe is and I am truly thankful. We really have won the lottery in more ways than we can ever imagine.

I would love to know if you agree with Prof. Brian Cox and feel like a lottery winner?

“When I look at the solar system, I see the earth at the right distance from the sun to receive the proper amounts of heat and light. This did not happen by chance”.  Isaac Newton