like or don't like

Following on hot on the heels of last week’s Blog regarding friends I wanted to pose the question “to FB or not to FB”.

Recently a friend shared a FB post about social media titled “less technology, more hugs”. I clicked on the link to find a guy rapping about how social media is affecting everyone and how we would rather stare at our phones than talk, or skype rather than get together. He went on to say that we are so consumed by our phones and social network that we forget how to live.

Maybe you also saw it, I briefly shared it on my FB page with a comment that I was no longer going to post. This resolution didn’t even last an hour. Why? If I’m honest I don’t entirely agree. The video was thought provoking, after all I was still thinking about it a few hours later, but I actually do like using FB. It has made it possible for me to reconnect with old friends, which with our busy lives might have been difficult to do. More importantly, I am able to keep in touch with all my overseas friends and family. We are closer as a result. It means that when we do meet up, we don’t have to spend ages catching up on each other’s news but can immediately engage in conversation as we know what has been happening in each other’s lives.

I want to see pictures of friend’s children and the progress they are making, their first day at primary or secondary school and all their achievements. I enjoy seeing the happiness on my grandmother’s face when I show her photos, posted by my cousin who is based in the Philippines of her great great grandchildren. It is an absolute joy to watch.

It’s a great way to share with friends, although I do draw the line at pictures of food or pointless comments, but if something amazing is happening that I want to share what better way to reach out to all of my friends. It means you’re not just sharing with your best friends but all of your friends, building even closer relationships.

Recently an old work colleague of mine got married, before Facebook I wouldn’t have seen the wedding photos, in fact I wasn’t even in touch with her until recently, but she was able to share her special day with her old acquaintances and faraway friends. So whilst we weren’t there in person we shared in her happiness. I think this is amazing.

Another advantage is it can be a powerful tool for informing people of worthwhile causes or events. It is a great way of spreading the word. For example, Stephen Sutton, who on finding out his disease was incurable, made a FB page called “Stephen’s Story”, sadly he died in May 2014, but he raised awareness and money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and at the time of writing the fund has reached £4,394,996 and this is still rising.

For me, FB will never be a substitute for meeting or catching up in person but it’s a great way to bridge the gap especially allowing us to keep in touch with far flung friends. I have also been reunited with people that I had lost touch with, by circumstances not by choice.

I would love to hear from you as to what you use FB for or whether you have been reunited with any long lost family or friends.

 Wishing all my readers and wonderful week of love and happiness.