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This week as Valentine’s Day approaches I want to write about being single on Valentines Day because for some I know some this can be a big thing and a few of my single friends have been known to become very depressed just before and during Valentine’s Day.

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become so commercialised and people, whether they are in a relationship or not feel pressure to do something and one of my friends pointed out that if you aren’t with someone you feel that it is being rammed down your face and you don’t fit in.

I wholeheartedly disagree with this line of thought. Valentine’s Day is just for one day. Admittedly, the shops start displaying red love hearts almost as soon as the New Year is upon us and cards are strategically placed on the most prominent shelves so they are the first thing you see, it’s like they are almost jumping out in front of you, but I ask myself is it really all that bad?

I am also currently happily single but I can honestly say that Valentine’s Day does not cause me any concern or discomfort. Equally, I don’t feel that I have to hide away or feel sorry for myself and here’s the reason why.

I love romance and the whole idea of falling in love and my regular readers will know that I am a half glass full type of person and I know that anything is possible at any moment in time. I keep an open mind in everything that I do and am excited by the prospect that I could meet someone and fall in love.   This could happen on a train, or a random meeting it doesn’t have to be in a conventional way. I also believe in love at first sight and I have in fact fallen in love twice in this way.

I also believe there is more chance of meeting someone and falling in love with them when we are not looking for love and are just happy doing the things that we enjoy doing. When we are happy with ourselves we will attract other like-minded people.   Like attracts like.

The beauty of being single is there is always the possibility that this can happen at any time, so long as we remain open, happy and positive. The world is full of so many opportunities, that is of course if we don’t sit at home embroidering, like the Bennett sisters, waiting for Mr Bingley or Mr Darcy to call. We do of course have to make more of an effort in today’s society especially as we are all so busy.

So whilst I might be single this Valentine’s Day there’s hope and there’s always tomorrow, next week or even next year. My point is cupid can aim his arrow at any time and when he does I will be ready and open minded.   It’s quite exciting really and in my view no reason to be depressed at all.   The key is to be open and to be happy and who knows what might happen.

Also on the occasions when I have been in a relationship during Valentine’s Day I would avoid restaurants because they were always so busy and the service was not entirely up to scratch. So I would choose to stay in and have a romantic meal or watch a romantic film but quite frankly I believe every day should be special when you are with the one you love, so why just make an extra special effort on Valentine’s Day? Why not make every day special and show your loved one how much they mean to you.

Most importantly, I look on Valentines Day as a reminder of all the love in the world, it is a chance to spread some love and happiness whether we are in a relationship or not.

So whether you are single or in the most wonderful relationship in the world, I would love to hear how you plan to spend Valentine’s Day and what it means to you but whatever your status is, remember to spread a little love and happiness.

Wishing my lovely readers, whether single, married or in a couple a very Happy Valentine’s Day.