Last weekend I went to visit my amazing 96 year old Grandmother who rather remarkably still lives in her own house and not only does she do her own shopping and cleaning, but she also takes herself off to the hairdressers once a week. She is always happy and never complains. She is my true inspiration.

During my visit, she told me that she talks to her Mum every day. I could feel her watching me carefully when she shared this with me, I guess she wanted to see what my reaction might be but I nodded and smiled knowingly.

On my drive home, I gave thought to what my Grandmother had said. I too have regular conversations with my parents and other people whom were very close to me that I have lost over the years and I am quite sure there are many other people out there who do the same.

I like to believe that my parents are somewhere in the universe looking out for me. It certainly feels that way sometimes. I don’t believe that when someone dies they leave us completely. I know our memories stay with us and we cherish them but I also believe that anyone who played such a big part in our lives remain with us in more ways than just in our memories.

Sometimes, I have a feeling that other beings are also looking out for me and guiding me. By beings, I mean my grandfathers, even ancestors that I didn’t know. I feel extremely close to all of them. I can’t really explain it but I feel safe and looked after.

When walking my wonderful dog in the mornings and the birds are in full song singing happily to greet a new day, most mornings I spot a Robin or a very tame blackbird that doesn’t immediately fly away on my approach. For some unexplained reason, this makes me feel very warm and close to my guardian angels or spirit guides or whatever one wants to call them. They say that a robin, butterfly or feather are all signs that your Angels are standing with you and I honestly believe this. I always feel surrounded by such love even though I’m out there on my own with just my dog who is usually running ahead of me. If I have a decision to make and I remain open I know I will be helped and guided, I don’t have to worry or stress about anything. I know that life will take care of everything.

This may sound strange, weird or whacky to a lot of my readers but I am quite spiritual and also believe we are all connected, past or present. I guess it depends on how tuned in we are and whether we want to be or not. This way of thinking didn’t happen overnight for me but has been a gradual process but I’m so very happy I chose to learn and be open-minded. These feelings and my openness were fuelled even more when I discovered Reiki, The Law of Attraction, visualisation techniques and even quantum physics. The most amazing thing is I believe that I am in tune with my Guardian Angels and they take care of me.

I would love to hear from any of my readers who feel the same or experience similar feelings or alternatively if you don’t believe this and believe that when we die that’s it.  I find it very interesting how we all choose to see the world and would genuinely be interested to hear your thoughts.

Wishing my lovely readers are happy and love filled week.