words of kindness

I’m not one for reality TV and talent shows and if I’m honest I can’t abide the programmes that seem to make fun out of people for viewers entertainment, but I suppose as long as there is a demand and viewers are watching the producers will keep on making the said programmes.

However, there is one programme that I must confess to watching and rather enjoying. It doesn’t make fun of the contestants and the judges are called coaches. They are encouraging and kind. I find this format so much more refreshing than judges of other programmes that are rude and make fun of contestants. So if I could sing or even hold any form of note and was brave enough I would choose to showcase my talent on the Voice.

For my many of my overseas readers, who may not be familiar with this show, the contestants enter into blind auditions to participate in a contest to be held over the coming weeks. They sing to the coaches who are facing in the opposite direction, if the coaches like what they hear they press their buzzer and their chair turns around to face the contestant. If a contestant is lucky enough to be picked by more than one coach they have to make the difficult decision of which coach to pick.

So why do I enjoy this programme? The most important thing for me is it isn’t based on appearances and it is solely the contestant’s voice.  However, the main reason I choose to watch this programme is even if a contestant isn’t chosen the coaches are never unkind and always offer kind words of encouragement and wisdom. If they do give criticism it is constructive so the singer has some good advice to take away, not to mention they have had the opportunity to perform on national TV. All the coaches are very different but one thing is clear and that is they really want to help the singers that they select for their team.

Whilst watching the show this week I realised how it compared to other reality programmes where the format is to belittle performers and to be unkind.   It doesn’t cost anyone to be kind to someone and can make a huge difference to people’s confidence when they are offered kind constructive words.

It made me reflect on how our words can affect us and our moods and those around us  and we should be careful when speaking words to others, whether they are strangers, friends or family. The way we say something can make a big difference to how we can make someone feel.

I believe wherever we can, we should be kind and offer words of encouragement, offer compliments whenever possible. It might even make a big difference to someone’s day helping turn a bad day into an okay day. I know from experience if someone gives me a compliment or if someone is kind to me it lifts my spirits no end.

We should also think about how our words will be received by others, for example if we are always complaining or in a bad mood that will no doubt reflect on the other person, especially if they are sensitive. We should also always think before we speak because once our words are spoken they cannot be retracted.  Remember the words we speak are a reflection of who we are.

I love the quote by Audrey Hepburn who said “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

I think if we all adopted this attitude to life the world would be a much happier place. Love and our emotions are contagious so I hope we can all collectively spread some love and happiness in the world this week.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.”  – Mother Teresa

*photo courtesy of Kind Campaign.