Last week I found myself in a situation that I didn’t think could be possible in this day and age. I was on the receiving end of sheer rudeness, rudeness for a service I was paying for.

I guess over the last few decades with the introduction of health and safety, laws about what you can and can’t do or say, generally being wrapped up in cotton wool in a nanny state we’ve all had to watch how we say things and deliver our message. Even in the work place if conducting appraisals we are trained to give constructive criticism with plenty of encouragement and are told to also focus on the positive.

I’ve always secretly wondered if by not saying it as it is if we aren’t really receiving the big picture or even the truth. Anyone who knows me will know that I am straight talking and I like people to be the same with me, however, one thing I am not, and that is unkind or rude and I would never say anything that I think might hurt someone’s feelings.  Kindness costs nothing and I believe what goes around comes around – karma.

So what had me reeling last week? I found myself in a situation whereby after, when I had time to process what had been said, I might add for a service I was paying for, I felt that I had been verbally abused on a very unnecessary and personal level that was totally irrelevant. It wasn’t even criticism it was a barrage of comments that were not at all constructive to what I was doing or trying to achieve. The comments were personal and were aired in public in front of other people in what was supposed to be a learning environment.

As a result I had a confidence crisis in everything I did last week, but then I am not someone to just lie down and take anything like that so the stubborn side of my personality came through with my “I’ll show them attitude”. Now it could be that was exactly what the person was trying to achieve and was using reverse psychology and perhaps that was what was intended? The sad thing is I did not feel positive and I will never find out as I will not return and put myself in that situation again.

I believe that teaching techniques have changed since when i was at school and we have progressed in trying to get people to achieve their goals in a positive encouraging manner, with constructive criticism being used which consists of both negative and positive, there is certainly no need to tear someone apart or to get personal.

On reflection the comments I received were not just personal but they were very rude. However I didn’t want to dwell on the negativity, so I tried to let it go and that is why this week I have chosen to write about it, I might add one week later, which shows I haven’t quite yet let it go. So by sharing this experience with my readers I am now letting it go. I have chosen to ignore the way I was spoken to and have put it down to a bad experience but and this is where I have turned it around because I am sure I have learnt something from that day and although I’ve not yet realized what it is I am very sure I will look back on it and say yes it was upsetting at the time but I got something from it.

So the motto this week is to not focus on the negative and to try to find the good in all situations and to also be thoughtful in what we say and how we deliver our messages.

Also last week my Blog was one year old so I would  like to thank you for reading, commenting and following for the last year.   My Blog is being read all over the world from far flung places such as the Philippines, Brazil, Bhutan, Argentina and even Ecuador and I am truly grateful to you for reading and sharing.  It really does means a lot.

Wishing all my lovely readers a fantastic and happy week full of love and happiness.